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Gammon ham- gammon joint

We use the over 300 years old “Wiltshire Cure” method to cure our hams and gammon joints. The method is used to cure Bacon and cut into 4 Lbs. joints. You can make gammon steaks, or boiled them to make ham sandwiches or bake ham to enjoy with cheese and roasted potatoes.

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$8.95 per lb.

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Gammon is derived from an old Northern French word “Gambe” for hind leg of the pig or ham. If you order one whole ham, then a ham is order, but if you want ham in parts (boned and rolled or cut into steaks) that portion of the ham is known as Gammon.

  • Standard - weight is 4 lbs. joint
  • Large – weight is 6 lbs. joint
  • Cured and ready to cook
  • Freezes very well


We “Wiltshire Cure” our uncooked gammon hams to produce a sweeter, less salty ham that is easy to boil or bake in the oven.